Friday, May 9, 2014

The Most Creative Way to Gift Tickets That Make You LOL!

My best friend was struggling to think of a unique gift for me for Christmas 2013. That is...until she found the right one, not only for me but for my entire family. There are three of us, my husband, son and I. She not only found a gift that I would enjoy but that we would all enjoy...not an easy task.

Let me show off her brilliant delivery of our gifts (keep in mind, I've had these papers for the past 5 months so they are a bit rough lookin'):

In gift bags numbered 1, 2 and 3. She handed each of us our respective gift bags.

My husband got clue Number 1:

Hint: You need to know the biblical name of this angel.

I got clue Number 2:

 Que Son? means What are they?
Response needs to be in Spanish to guess correctly

Can you guess from these two clues what the tickets are for?

My son got clue Number 3:

 That's right because we are not fat, just Fluffy!

I have to admit my son and I struggled at first to put the first two pieces together that was until my husband blurted out the answer before my son fully opened up his clue ruining the collective, "OH I know who it is" moment. After we guessed it correctly or should I say after my husband guessed it correctly, she then handed this with each of our tickets:

My best friend is super creative and went out of her way to make our gifts extra special. We've only had to wait five months to finally get our gift, but I have a feelin' the wait will be worth it. And to boot, it falls on Mother's Day which she didn't realize until after we were looking at our calendars to make sure it would work.

So this Mother's Day, I will be LOLing to Fluffy and creating lasting memories with my family and best friend's family. I love doing life with her.

To learn more about Gabriel Iglesias and to get tickets to a show near you visit his website at

PS: @FluffyGuy, I sure hope you see this and give her a shout out on Sunday. Her name is Rachel. Would love to take a picture with you too and show off our fluffiness ;).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Accountabilibuddy...say what?

An accountabillibuddy is a term coined by the South Park cartoon to describe someone who is assigned to you to keep you accountable. This term was introduced to me at VOICE 2012 (since I don't watch South Park) when I attended Tom Dheere's session titled: Goals & Action Plans: Putting it All Together.

While the term accountabilibuddy is new to me, the concept of an accountability partner is not. I have had several in my life and they have always kept me on top of the things that are important and in helping me reach my goals. I have attended and read many books on reaching goals and being accountable to someone is without a doubt a great way to achieve success. It helps keep you from slacking off or worse yet let a year or two go by without reaching your goals. 

Tom's sessions was the first I had attended in the context of voice-overs. It was great to be reminded of the importance of having a mission statement, weekly, monthly and yearly goals along with an action plan to reach those but of course it all stems from your mission statement. Your accountabilibuddy is someone you share these things with so they know what to hold you accountable for week after week. 

Tom challenged us to go out and find one while we were at VOICE and not to leave without one. Seeing how there were over 400 VO talents there it wasn't hard to find one. In fact, my accountabilibuddy is someone that I just met at VOICE but we hit it off really well and she approached me and I said YES!

Since then we have met three times. We are meeting on a bi-weekly basis to start off with since we are both pretty busy but it has already helped us to stay focused on the things we want to implement that we learned at VOICE.

So how about you? Ready to find yourself an accountabilibuddy? I hope so. Here are my recommendations on finding one:

  • Find someone who lives close to you if at all possible. This will help you foster a strong relationship. If this is not possible don't fret, the phone or skype work just as good. The only downside is you can't share a meal together to celebrate reaching big milestones.
  • Find someone who you connect well with and won't be offended, hurt or defensive when they call you out on your excuses or anything of the sort. Of course, the person should also be encouraging but sometimes we need to hear the hard stuff or else we won't grow or change.
  • Find someone who is at the same level as you are or a bit ahead. Otherwise, if the person is significantly ahead of you then it's more of a mentoring relationship not an accountabilibuddy. Although having a mentor is another great way to learn and achieve your goals.
  • Be ready to implement not just talk about what you like to do. 
  • Have fun! Having accountability isn't all about deadlines and work. It's work but it should also be fun except when you need a kick in the hiney to get moving : ).
These are just ideas, if nothing else it helps you to think through who can be your accountabilibuddy. Mine doesn't live close in fact she lives in another state, I just met her so we are not only growing our voice-over business but also building a new relationship, which is fun. Tom did a fantastic job in his session and was truly inspirational in helping me get moving in the right direction faster!

To Your Voice-Over Success,

Faith Coons